i made a story that i wrote about him but snot(haha) true:
so one time there was this toadally rad dude named erik bragg. then whoops there. better font size coallation. then this chick was named erin and she said, ""hey!' "we have the kinda of the same name" "see but your last one letter is the difference. but its so close. because a capital N has 3hree straight lines and so does a capitol K. but chu (slang) no its so close. just half to rotate some of the end on the last part but the first line is oh tay, hehe." erik was like 'dude(tte)!'"your so creative that i can n't even beleive it in my brain. so what should we do?" well, she said, lets make out? and then erik was like what? really? she was like, well, wait, is that snew on your shirt? and he's like "whats snew"? then she said " nothing whats snew witchu?" then he couldnt even handle how creatively she was. so he totally started making out with her. and she was so hot too.

part II: the sequel
while they were making out, she toatally both of them liked it cuz it was so hot. and then they were in the car but it started on fire becuz of how hot they made it. but it wasnt spontaneious combination or anything. its because erik had a box of "stripe anywhere matches" but he bought water at the same time that he bought those. and since they made it so hot they wanted the water.and when he grabbed it but the matches went off on fire and the bag caught on fire then the seat and the hole car but they didnt stop because they couldnt notice cu z they were already so hot together from them making out and being so hot already. so hot becuase she was soo hot and you already know about erik bragg

hope you guys like it cuz ill write more of them later on. maybe ill make a third part for this one.























































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