look! updated! i scanned his headshotsi got! see!

here's some total pix from erik bragg's first one hit movie.  omg! there's some funny ones.  oh yeah.  i'm talking about princess diaries.  it is sooo good movie.  seriously.  i think if you haven't watched it, you should go watch it.  i watched it like only three times.  okay okay more...a lot more.  but i still like it OK?

hahaha lookit.  erik is in this one right behind mandy moore, right?  who cares who she is.  but i bet he's like.  "hey you over there...let's hang out after this shot"...hahahah you know what i mean?okay this time he's in a classroom...he looks really happy.  i think i would be too.  he's erik bragg!!!this one's really cool.  erik is doing that total greek god pose with his skateboard in his hand.  you know...the pose where you're like...yeah! muscles.this picture is totally hot.  erik is in the back of the ugly guy in front, making it hot.omg! it's a shot with just erik! head on!he looks so silly doesn't he?...but then next he goes on to be serious.  he's such a diversity actor.  he told me he went to a big diversity to study acting.LOL.  look at erik in the back!  he's got three people talking to him.  i bet he's so popular on the set.  like...look at him talking?yeah! go erik!  see how much fun he is?  i'm telling you!  everyone is so boring accept him.  it's like...he has a tye on, but he's smiling sooo big.  and i think he's gonna doink that girl with his fist.  hahaha i'm totally kidding.  i've seen the movie okay!  and he doesn't doink her!  but this is a good shot of erik bragg.  you should watch the movie.  this scene is the graetest.



























































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